Sunday, May 3, 2015

Purple Tulips

Purple Tulips

They usually come out later than the yellow ones but when they do, they look amazing.

Tulips are very easy to grow for many but I gave up the effort some years back.
I used to plant hundreds of bulbs each early spring to enjoy the blooms,  and dig them out every fall to store them in the garage during cold winters.
A bad back did not let me dig out the bulbs for some years. That's when my battle with the tiny terrorists began. They started having a non stop party in my garden. Don't jump to hasty conclusions. I'm talking about mini things called chipmunks.
I'd watch the chipmunks diligently dig and eat my precious bulbs. Tried shooing them away but finally they won and I gave up.
The number of bulbs reduced over years and only three have come out this season.
These are not the ones in my garden. Took the shot elsewhere :-)

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