Saturday, March 25, 2017

Red Light District

Red Light District
Situated right next to the Royal Fort (the outer wall is visible on the left, in the background), Lahore's famous King Edward Medical College and The Dental College, "Shahi Mahalla" was notorious for it's illegal prostitution activities.
No decent woman would ever dare think of going through it's dark allies even during broad daylight.
A male child born to a prostitute from this area, grew up to be a famous artist. He bought the place and converted his mother's place to a posh restaurant, showing the world that he was NOT ashamed of his background. He could not change his past but he was going to make a difference in the future.
His success, brave efforts and curiosity on general public's part, prompted government to take initiative.
The area houses were vacated, bought out and famous restaurants opened up their chains in the old residential houses.
Today, an entire row of houses is known as Lahore's Food Street where all the gentry flock at night to enjoy the near by view of The Old Royal Fort and The Royal Mosque built centuries ago, while enjoying the decadent dishes of all sorts.
These houses lie at the back side of The Food Street, shrouded in mystery as many stories circulate about the whereabouts of their previous tenants or owners.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A breathing dream

The deep dark silence ...
An empty abode!
Broken by a whisper ...
A sparkle ignites ...
Ember of a flame ...
Or flicker of sunlight.
Like a breathing dream ...
Hope survives.
(Shamsa Anwar)